Where is B-Lab?

U-Gene forgets the Gorilla Munch

Nestled somewhere near the startups of Silicon Valley, the desert hangars of Area 51 and the hatch in Lost, you’ll find the intersection on of politics, technology, pop culture and the absurd.

B-Lab’s origins are as mysterious as the characters stationed there: A physics professor with a low EQ-to-IQ ratio, his introverted lab-armadillo, a walking brain, a half-dead cat (ok "half-alive" you optimists!), a psychic canary, 13 thousand award-winning fruit flies, and U-Gene — a jetpack-wearing genetic cross between a banana slug and a studio-executive.

Just which act of Congress funded it has been long forgotten. No one knows its original purpose and, worse, how to shut it down.

B-Lab is the brainchild of Larry Stone. Site built in Flask, JSON, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Markdown, Imagemagick, and passion. Bungee font by David Jonathan Ross. Hubbali font by Erin McLaughlin. Icons by Fontawesome.